Adventys offer solutions for all your Buffet needs.

Induc-Elegance – The Customizable Buffet system. The different sides & corners create limitless designs combinations to mix & match: black, silver, copper, gold, and the list goes on. Whether pure & simplistic (black on black) or flashy & luxurious (copper or gold), Induc-Elegance is the jewel of the buffet world. Induc-Elegance works in daisy chain, customers can plug up to 4 products into one plug. The unit is also stackable
in order to appeal to caterers who needs to have easy to store & transport units. Furthermore, the black sided units offer the possibility to draw on it; requested by consultants who search for solutions to avoid papers display. It is easy to write, erase, & rewrite indefinitely.

Induc’Stone –  invisible undercounter induction unit. Place under different stones such as granite, marble, natural stones, and sometimes mixed stones; Induc’Stone will set a perfect buffet counter. Paired with an induction friendly chaffing dish, simply placed on top of the counter, Induc’Stone creates the most simplistic, minimalist, & chic buffet counter. Unlike other “similar” units available on the market, Induc’Stone is affordable, easy to install, and user friendly for both the staff and the customers.

CounterTop solutions – Small & light countertops, minimalist design for beautiful buffet setting.

Drop-in & flushed solutions – with integrated and remote control options. The perfect flexible solution.