We were delighted to work with Grey Simmonds recently, delivering two Multizone MO4NL 3200 units to the Tabure Restaurant Group. Tabure serve a rich mosaic of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern & Asian flavours in their restaurants located in Harpenden, Berkhamsted and St Albans.

After carefully considering a heavy-duty solution to replace the gas range in their central preparation kitchen, Tabure decided to switch from gas to induction when specifying their remodelled preparation facilities.

They wanted equipment that improved performance while offering a better working environment for their staff. To ensure Tabure were fully onboard with our induction technology, we loaned them a countertop unit for performance testing and day-to-day use. Having experienced the technology in action, they were keen to commit to induction fully.

How our induction units improved efficiency in Tabure:

  • Reduced residual heat in the kitchen
  • Less time cleaning and maintaining
  • Precise control with increased power and improved reliability
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Maximisation of space
When we decided to switch to induction, I was introduced to Adventys UK, who were kind enough to loan us a unit for testing. This allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the technology and get accustomed to its benefits. Having used the 2x multizone units for the last two months, my team and I have been highly impressed with their performance and flexibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Adventys to anybody looking for powerful, reliable, efficient induction equipment.
Hulya Pearse, Executive Chef, Tabure Restaurants


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