Case Study

Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier

Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett has an internationally acclaimed passion for excellence. He is the world’s only producer of the unique “naked” Velvet Truffle. His creations have received over 40 awards, including ‘Best Truffle in the World’ at the International Chocolate Awards.

The requirement

Iain recognised that the precise temperature control afforded by induction technology would greatly benefit his preparation kitchen. Our BRIC 3000 offers accurate temperature control, which is vital to chocolate work. 1°C increments allow unrivalled consistency when tempering and holding chocolate at the required temperature. Having tested one of our units, Iain was satisfied that it met expectations and was soon a permanent fixture in his creative kitchen.

How The Highland Chocolatier improved control

Reduced residual heat in the kitchen
Less time cleaning and maintaining
Precise control with increased power and improved reliability
Reduced energy bills
We are delighted with our Adventys induction unit. The larger ring on the BRIC 3000 reduces the risk of burning and flavour impairment, and the temperature control makes chocolate work more precisely. It allows us to ensure consistent, high-quality products every time.
Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier


BRIC 3000

Our popular plug-and-play space-saving all-rounder. Robust and practical, this unit can accommodate large pans with precise temperature control in 1°C increments.

Adventys Heavy Duty Induction BRIC 3000


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