Innovation in Induction Cooking

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Induction is fast becoming a popular cooking solution within commercial kitchens. It provides the control of gas cooking combined with the safety of electricity. All of this without the residual heat, loss of energy or time. As up to 94% of the energy consumed is transferred to the food (compared to approximately 40% for gas and 74% for electric systems), it is highly cost-effective, with a much lower carbon footprint.


At Adventys UK, we are committed to delivering only the very best service from the moment you contact us. If you have any technical, service or general enquiries, please drop our team a line. We are always happy to help.

Product Range

We offer a range of product solutions for every type of commercial kitchen. Whether it’s a temporary stand-alone unit or a fully integrated system, we always deliver.


The ultimate flexible cooking solution. Always ready to go, wherever you need it in your kitchen.


Permanent induction units that can form an integral part of your kitchen layout, our drop-in solutions are built to last.


Need something a little more tailored to your kitchen? We can provide a fully bespoke build to perfectly fit your specifications.


Some of our most popular products. We’ve got an induction system for every requirement.

GLN 3000

1 zone counter-top induction hob from the Geoline range

GLN 2 3000 F

2 zone counter-top induction hob from the Geoline range.

GLN 2 3000 S

2 zone counter-top induction hob from the Geoline range.

BRIC 3000

1 zone counter-top induction hob from our Bioline range. Also available as 2 zone (B2RIC 3000)

BWIC 3000

1 zone counter-top induction wok from our Bioline range.

BGIC 3000

1 zone counter-top induction plancher from our Bioline range.

Our Revolutionary Multi⁠-⁠Zone System

Our Induc-NoLimit induction unit means no need for designated pan placement; the entire surface becomes the ultimate cooking workspace. You can use our innovative multi-zone all day long. Unlimited cooking possibilities with ultimate functionality.

Induction Benefits

Induction technology is extremely safe and offers many advantages when compared to traditional cooking methods. And with over 90% efficiency it will save energy, time, and money.

Instant control for simmering, boiling and holding.

No direct heating of surface means minimised risk of injury.

Induction technology is over 90% energy efficient.
Faster heating leads to reduced cooking and service times.

The Under Counter induction buffet Solution

Our versatile InducStone can be placed under surfaces such as granite, marble or natural stone to create the perfect buffet counter solution. Unlike other units on the market, InducStone is affordable, easy to install, and user-friendly for staff and customers. The ideal temperature controlled solution.



At last, commercial quality for the domestic market! The Octopus is a genuine all-rounder, providing cooking flexibility, indoors or out. Cut, store, sear, simmer, smother or warm; anything is possible. Our new multi-functional system includes a cutting board, cast iron grill, stainless steel side plates, spatula and tongs. Join the Octopus cooking revolution this Summer.

How To Buy

Our most popular products are available to order via Nisbets or directly from our UK Sales Team on [email protected] or 01442 777055.


Here at Adventys, we are committed to delivering the very best service, from the moment you contact us. If you have any technical, service or general enquiries, just drop our team a line, we are always happy to help.

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